R & D

All the solar traffic warning lights provided are subject to inspection

Meet the strict quality and durability requirements of customers


✔ In order to provide customers with high quality traffic warning lights, landmark lights, LED lights and other products and services, personnel, equipment, operating environment, process control, and operating methods on the strict management system for monitoring the various processes to continue to improve, To build a process of a comprehensive quality of the operating system

✔ Start by customer requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.

✔ Listen to the voice of the customer, meet the customer's requirements, and continue to improve the core of the operation of the quality assurance system.


We can make according to the customer's design or sample


We focus on the manufacture and design of all solar and LED related products.

Our current products include:

✔ Solar traffic warning and warning signs for port, terminal and terminal dangerous alarm flash.

✔ Solar gardening and decorative lighting.

✔ and other related products.


Please feel free to ask us for any further information. We will be happy to help.

We accept ODM and OEM orders.

Has been marketing the global multi-country, welcome foreign customers advice and orders.

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